Do-it-yourself chocolate massage: well-being for the 5 senses of relaxation

Since Easter is coming, we have decided to offer you a very sweet massage: “The DIY chocolate massage”.
An excellent opportunity to relax, even at home, and even better if in good company, because the daily frantic life often prevents us from relaxing and booking a very sweet beauty treatment.

How? We will explain it to you immediately …

Do-it-yourself chocolate massage: well-being for the 5 senses of relaxation

Let’s see how to proceed (or get done) with a special “do it yourself” chocolate massage.

STEP 1. Prepare the dark chocolate cream

Melt 300 g of pure bitter chocolate in a double boiler and let it cool. You can add 4 drops of an essential oil of your choice. The chocolate cream must remain fluid and slightly warm.

We always recommend choosing a minimum 85% dark chocolate because it is richer in cocoa and more nourishing for the skin.

STEP 2. Proceed with the massage until the cream is completely absorbed

The chocolate treatment starts from the back, massaging from the shoulders to the calves. Apply the chocolate cream in small doses with slow and circular movements, with a constant and deep pressure, so that the chocolate cream is absorbed in the best way. This can occur to the touch: if there has been good absorption, you will feel that the fat part of the cocoa butter is no longer there because it has penetrated the skin and only the granules have remained on the surface. The treatment is repeated for the front of the body and the cream can be left to rest for 10 minutes.

We recommend performing the massage in a warm room, so that the chocolate always maintains a certain temperature. The heat of the chocolate dilates the pores of the skin and the absorption is facilitated.

STEP 3. Conclude with thorough cleansing

Once the chocolate massage is finished, let your skin breathe for 10 minutes and then take a hot shower to gently remove the chocolate residue, without using soap or shower gel, which would remove the moisturizing elements of the cocoa. Continue the massage with a horsehair glove for a peeling effect, which will enhance the skin’s silkiness to the maximum. Dry carefully without rubbing and enjoy the enchanting feel-good effect that envelops you.

If you want to rely on expert hands, book a holiday at Hotel Abano Verdi, try our SWEET LOVELY CHOCOLATE massages and treat yourself to a complete regenerating program against cellulite. Our Samsara Center team will be happy to welcome you with the utmost professionalism.

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