Nordic Walking

Let’s tone up our body and mind with Nordic Walking along the paths of the Euganean Hills

To stay fit all year round, we offer you an in-depth study on Nordic Walking, a sport that’s easy to learn and suitable for any age without contraindications, which you will be able to practice every day whether in your city or here, at the spa district. Let’s learn more about it.
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Nordic Walking is a healthy physical activity which, if applied with a correct and constant technique, helps our body to strengthen itself, keep its weight under control and get toned. Nordic Walking consists of a smooth, harmonious, natural, effortless walk, that can also be applied easily into everyday life.
Although it is not a difficult sport to learn, we recommend that you attend courses taught by qualified instructors so that you can learn the correct technique to practice.
You can practice it anywhere, on grassy paths, on city streets, on hill slopes, on beaches, with the energy and intensity most appropriate to your body.
There are very few athletic activities that can boast the characteristics of Nordic Walking. It is truly suitable for everyone: from children to the elderly. You can practice it alone or with others.

What do you need to practice Nordic Walking?

In addition to a course to learn the technique, you need:
1 – NORDIC-WALKING POLES: they are essential for Nordic walking since they accompany the movement of the walk and give the adequate thrust to get the torso, shoulders and arms to work. You will obviously have to choose the ones that best suit your level. If you are a beginner, we recommend the aluminum poles with a round tip. If, instead, you are already at a more advanced level, get a carbon model with a tungsten tip (round or blunt).
2 – FLEXIBLE NORDIC-WALKING SHOES: in Nordic walking, the movement of the foot follow a precise technique. It consists of three phases: heel strike, foot roll and push forward through the toes. It is, therefore, very important to choose flexible shoes with a good grip to accompany the movement of the foot in a fluid and correct way, even on grassy and wet grounds.
3 – SPORTS CLOTHING: If you are just starting out, you don’t need a technical outfit. Wear lightweight, comfortable clothing that doesn’t hinder the movements of the arms and shoulders.
4 – THE BACKPACK: It is an indispensable accessory! Use it to carry a bottle of water and a snack. Never start training without having water with you: hydration is essential in any sport. In addition, you can also bring other items with you, such as gloves, a hat/cap, sunglasses, a waterproof jacket, etc

Let’s learn more

Nordic Walking is a discipline that was born in Finland in the late 90’s as a summer training method for cross-country skiers.
Today, it is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the world because it combines the multiplicity of physical benefits with the ease of learning the technique. The following are a few benefits of Nordic Walking:
● develops physical endurance
● promotes correct posture
● the energy consumption is up to 46% higher than in normal walk
● lightens the load on the musculoskeletal system by safeguarding the joints of the ankles, knees and spine
● increases the oxygenation of the whole body
● relieves contractions in the shoulder and neck area
● delays the aging process
● helps the heart rate
● strengthens the immune system and stimulates the elimination of hormones originating from stress.
… in short, it’s the perfect combination to regain your physical fitness and regenerate in total relaxation and tranquility.
Nordic Walking at Abano and Montegrotto Spa
Near the Abano and Montegrotto spa towns, there are many suggestive itineraries that wind through the greenery.

Our staff has selected some of them for you:

1. The naturalistic path of Monte Rosso: a very short and easy excursion ring in the middle of nature, even if it is very close to the urban center of Abano Terme, to discover the public garden of Villa Bembiana. Click here to download the route details.
2. Walk around Mount Fasolo: in the center of the Euganean Hills, this is a short loop that is particularly suitable for Nordic walking. Click here to download the route details.
3. Ancient Paths Walk Above Luvigliano: a quiet walk in Luvigliano with a visit to the well-known Villa dei Vescovi. Click here to download the route details.

If you want more information and you wish to book a holiday that combines spa treatments with Nordic Walking, we can provide you with hospitality and advice.

Have a nice walk and let us know how it was!
Team Samsara

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