Rediscover well-being with a self-massage at your feet

Many of us, in these difficult months of a health emergency, have been facing growing fears, tensions and stress. That is why I thought of this simple but rejuvenating remedy that you can try at home, even if you are the only one home.
We all know the health properties of massages, but, in this period of lockdowns, closed hotels and wellness centers, it is almost impossible to rely on someone’s expert hands.
This does not prevent us from giving ourselves, through simple manual movements, a beneficial and restoring self-massage.

The foot: our point of contact with the earth

You may know that Chinese medicine attributes strategic importance to our feet. The foot is the basis of our walk in the world, our point of contact with the earth, from which it absorbs the energies and transmits them to the body. Foot reflexology teaches that our soles contain the nine palaces of the emperor … In the tranquility of your home, I offer you a massage that you can do yourself to rediscover a pleasant feeling of relaxation while also gaining new energy!

After taking a foot bath …

get a little oil (if possible, add a few drops of lavender essential oil). Start by massaging with the two thumbs from the center of the sole of the foot outwards along the entire length of the foot, from the toes to the heel, and make semicircular movements. Then proceed with the two thumbs with some pressure: first, in the center line of the foot and then in the two side lines.

auto massagio piedi

Finally, rotate each toe clockwise and then counterclockwise.

These simple and quick maneuvers done every day will make you regain energy and feel psychophysical well-being.
I wish you a good self-massage and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Manuela Samsara Team

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